Lessons from the Year 2020: A year of Crisis

After two days, 2020 will be a matter of our history but it has offered us many challenges and opportunities to learn , understand , handle the problems and a powerful way to fight against unknown enemies like diseases , pandemic and non democratic global leaders.

This is a time to remembers all those ups and downs faced by us during the year 2020. After careful investigation and analysis , we shall be in position to list many learning outcomes to this year of crisis.

We can learn from many people like Physicians , health care workers, administrative machinery, police forces , researchers etc. that how our life is more important for the countrymen life as well as life of global citizens. These people have helped millions of human being irrespective of social and religious backgrounds or nationality.

This year will be remembered for covid 19 and related influence on global economies . Almost each countries have faced this crisis and overall human order has faced many unknown things in terms of loss of life , hunger, increasing cost of living and a situation of fear, chaos and lonliness.

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We may hope a brighter and prosperous year 2021.


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