Top 05 Small Business Ideas

Photo by Ono Kosuki on

1) Starting A Food Outlet :

It is one of the popular business of today’s time. Any one having passion to cook and offer tasty foods to consumers can get success with this idea.

2) Delivery of Food stuffs online :

One can create this business with very low investment by launching a platform where both restaurants and buyers will be available . A commission from sellers might be charged by the web owner.

3) Launching e-commerce site :

In the age of internet , it is one of the low investments huge earning option for entrepreneurs.

Here , products of different categories can be sold. These may be grocery, books, gift items , utensils, clothes , electonic items etc.

4) Online tutoring :

It is one of the easy and low investment entrepreneurial idea but a great command over the subjects will be requisite.

5) Tour and Travel Advisory Business:

It is one of the low investment services business . One should have passion for assisting people while choosing a tour and traveling packages.

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