Rain has many memories of past …Think for a while to our past, childhood days @abhishek pandey


Attitude is our views towards our society, events, burning issues and many other issues of our day to day life. Our attitude should be positive one. It benefits a lot than other other type of attitude.

Covid19 and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Corporate work places have seen many challenges due to pandemic across the world. Many people lost their jobs and faced economic crunches. HR professionals have adopted new work policies and practices to ensure work operations and offering people more avenues through virtual mode. Even , top level managers who wish to attend corporate Headquarters changed … Continue reading Covid19 and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Happiness is all about our actions

To get happiness and peace in our life , we should act in favor of humanitarian values. We are different from animals so our aim should be to offer help to our community members. This help may be financial as well as non- financial one. Our life should be drive with mutual happiness. Remember one … Continue reading Happiness is all about our actions

Success Mantras

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Succession Planning Should Be the First Priority of Corporate Firms as well as to Family Businesses

Business is one of the challenging task for people and organizations if they don't have plan for leadership pipeline development. Who will join next to the current working CEO ? The answer to this question is Succession Planning Management. The role of HR manager is vital in this context as he or she will be … Continue reading Succession Planning Should Be the First Priority of Corporate Firms as well as to Family Businesses