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Sustainability should be our religion

In the age of rapid globalisation and pollution, the global mass should adopt policies and activities which conserve our mother nature. Pure oxygen must be generated through tree plantation and less carbon generating activities.

Morning Quote

Life lies in simplicity. Practice it diligently. @ abhishek Pandey

Six Sigma : An Approach to Quality management

When ,we talk about quality in manufacturing operations then the term six sigma comes in the picture or discussion . The simple meaning of six sigma quality is that there is a very less no. of defects permissible out of 1 lakh of cases or manufactured items. The defect rate usually occurs 3.4 defects out … Continue reading Six Sigma : An Approach to Quality management

Life is a journey equipped with random thoughts if no peace will be in mind and soul

A balanced person can only experience non randomness of ideas and thoughts. Meditation